Valuation Company


Do you know the value of your company? This question can be solved through a Valuation service, which has different methods to reach a fairer value for your business. As a type of equity valuation, it is intended to give real value to your company, taking into account all its market potential, product and ability to generate profit.

The valuation can be done through at least four methods different, each focused on a specific type of company, group or conglomerate, and when defining which type of method will be the correct one, the decision will require technique and strategy, in addition to a strong knowledge of the sector and the current conditions of your company.

And even if you already have a forecast of how much your company is worth, the Valuation service is still necessary! Some events can be unpredictable, such as possible breakdowns, risks or even mergers and acquisitions by other companies, whether national or foreign. This can completely change your scenario.

Knowing this, Russell Bedford has technical expertise for all the steps and methods that the process may require, not only for an equity appraisal, but to define, in the end, the necessary method to arrive the best results for your company.

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