Auditoria de Transporte



The audit of transport is a process that seeks to provide solutions to the audited company, as the demands existing laws relating to traffic and transport.

Examinations conducted by the Group audit Maciel in transport.

Comprising demand by type of passengers (paying students, free) and the tariffs practiced; direct revenue collected (by type of fare); fleet operating effectively; travel undertaken, other data deemed necessary for the effective evaluation of services;

Including the measurement of all items of cost components of tariff calculation spreadsheet indicating in particular: fuel consumption per kilometer run by estimate; life of the undercarriage (tire retreading and others), parts and accessories and other maintenance expenses; labor (and related charges) direct and indirect; capital vehicles, capital facilities, capital equipment, administrative costs, other cost components of operating cost structure that comprise the actual costs of the tariff;

Including conditions of facilities maintenance, survey of existing equipment, evaluation of physical conditions and analysis of the adequacy of the results based on the real needs of fleet maintenance, maintenance services performed by the company itself compared to services others; quality and specialization of labor own maintenance; maintenance policy and management tools for controlling maintenance (loss index, register of equipment, preventive maintenance plan compared to the corrective, etc.), physical assessment by fleet type of service; physical assessment of the fleet auxiliary warehouse and recovery of parts and equipment (materials management and existing controls), other surveys to better assess the maintenance.

As reimbursement companies Mass Transport of municipalities;
Study to define the best concession model to be applied in the municipality;
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