Accounting Expertise - Evaluative Engineering

Accounting Expertise - Evaluative Engineering


In the Appraisal Engineering expertise we carry out inventory equity appraisals.

In our Engineering services, equity valuations are made of inventory of fixed and fixed assets, credit guarantee or donation of payments and operations between individuals and legal entities, in addition to conducting appraisal expertise, in order to obtain expert reports.
Thus, through these models knowledge is obtained as to purchase, sale and lease value; corporate dissolutions; inventories; equity update for companies and investment funds; accounting purposes; update of the mobilized asset; real guarantees; and safe.
Also, with this service, your company receives all the accuracy and technical foundation of the market value and assets, as well as gaining rights over them.
Russell Bedford Brazil’s multidisciplinary team is ready to assist you with this service. Contact us for a diagnosis of your business.

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