Good corporate governance practices for companies

When evaluating the economic sphere in the last two decades, one can see with amplitude the constant search for mechanisms that work along with good organizational practices, and at the same time allow greater generation of values to the companies.

One of the tools that have such capacity, when well assured by a team specialized in the field, is the so-called corporate governance.

What is corporate governance?

Corporate governance is the union of good management practices. Its mission is to leverage the performance of the company’s activities in order to minimize the conflicts that may occur in all parts of the institution, such as shareholders, managers and employees in a broader context.

The aim of good practices for corporate governance is to add to the value of a business.

Corporate governance is the result of numerous studies in the last two decades:

Corporate governance is the result of several studies conducted by specialists from around the world in the management and financial sphere over the last 20 years.

According to these experts, elements such as the international financial crisis and the unfavorable political context, most often with respect to transparency, have fostered the need to create mechanisms that are synonymous with good practices in organizations.

What are the benefits of corporate governance?

Corporate governance, in addition to bringing significant differential to the companies that have implemented it, brings several other benefits to companies, such as:

Principles, missions, values and other concepts present in the institution directed in the same way, alignment of the set of stakeholders of the company, improvement of the reputation of the organization and greater dialogue among the company’s taxpayers, through the decentralization of the decision making.

In addition, in family businesses (around 90% of companies in Brazil, according to the IBGE), corporate governance is a key point for training and the choice of successors and administrators for the future of the business.

The non-modernization of processes can bring serious problems:

When there is no evolution and modernization of management processes in organizations, the company runs a serious risk of “going backwards”, that is, maintaining management that is obsolete and distant from the best practices that are in vogue in the market.

Corporate governance and redoubled care in its implementation:

Although the mechanism is a strong ally of organizations in several sectors of its operation, it is essential to take due care in its integration to the company environment, because it is important to highlight that each company has different levels in its internal processes.

It is necessary with corporate governance to adapt good organizational practices to the present reality in the organization.

The need to create an environment in which reliability is highlighted:

Nonetheless, value creation in the enterprise can only be created in a trusted corporate environment, and with the long-term perspective always concerned with the best delivery of customer services.

In this context, it is essential to follow up on those who have been in the market for a long time and have the necessary proficiency to understand the needs of the organizations and to adapt the best strategies for the operation of the business.

Maciel Group and expertise in corporate consulting:

Maciel Group, a business unit of the accounting area, specializes in corporate consulting. In all, there are three distinct areas of activity: due diligence consulting, operational consulting and financial consulting.

Our organization, together with the managers of the client companies, through the financial and operational consulting, performs a detailed consultancy on the best strategies to be followed for the implementation of the corporate governance of the company, so that it can be in full conditions of obtain prominence and increase its value in the market in which it operates.

Maciel Group, as well as corporate governance, operates worldwide:

Maciel Group is an independent member of Geneva Group International (GGI), one of the top ten international alliances in accounting, consulting and legal advice in the world.

In this global context of synergy with other companies in the industry, it is able to offer the best support worldwide. Through GGI, you have access to experts around the world to provide support on local regulations and market strategies.

This establishes Maciel Group as the ideal alternative for the proper foundation in the implementation of good governance practices for all interested companies.

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