Cyber attacks – The indispensability of protecting companies

When talking about technology, it is difficult to quantify the number of advents brought to the day to day of our lives. The innovation has reached a plateau where it is difficult to look aside and not come across some new technological artifice.

Growing to the benefits, however, also new forms of “evil” appear. One of them are the cyber-attacks, a problem that is worrying companies, especially those of financial nature.

Most Common Types of Cyber ​​Attacks:

In addition to the ransomwares, cyber-attacks with more occurrences are usually:

Tudo sobre a LGPD - Lei de proteção aos Dados do Brasil
Tudo sobre a LGPD - Lei de proteção aos Dados do Brasil

Data Breachs: These are security incidents where confidential and protected data is copied, stolen, or even transmitted by an unauthorized third party. In financial companies, it refers to the theft of credit card data, such as the theft of their numbers, expiration dates, and security codes.

Malwares: Malicious codes that target e-commerce companies. They have the premise of stealing data, as well as consumer information, as indicative of their current accounts, and then use it illegally. Malware is typically activated at the checkout of the purchase, at which point consumer referrals are made available.

Clean Fraud: It is when criminals, in possession of victim data, whether they are organizations or not, make fraudulent purchases by imitating the profile of real customers. Previously fraudsters used to make high-value transactions, which caught the attention of anti-fraud systems. Now, most of the time they carry out transactions with smaller values.

Red alert for cyber security:

According to experts in the area of ​​technology, cyber attacks will grow even more in the coming years, fundamentally in Latin American countries.

This is due to the fact that companies in this locality, especially financial ones, have the security of their online banking services less rigorous compared to other parts of the world, such as Europe, for reasons such as low adoption of technological authentication solutions.

The situation of cyberattacks in Brazil is even more complicated:

The issue of cyber attacks is even more worrying in Brazil as the country is increasingly established as one of the leading sites of cybercrime with financial themes around the world.

The Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR), released in March this year, found that Brazil is the 7th country on a global scale with more cyber attacks, behind the United States, China, India, Russia, Germany and Japan.

How can companies prevent cyber attacks?

In order to combat cyber attacks, it is important to analyze the imminent risks, that is, to understand the possible threats that companies may be exposed to.

Once risks are measured, it is paramount to build better strategies to protect companies. And through these tactics, add value to the institution’s products and services.

It is imperative that companies are 100% aware that when it comes to cyber attacks, prevention against them comes out much more cheaper than their fix.

For the proper support in the field of technology, it is essential that the organizations have the foundation of a company with expertise in the subject.

Maciel Group is an expert in information systems auditing:

The Maciel Group, in addition to being a union of accounting firms, which work with the rendering of services in the areas of auditing, consulting, expertise and advice, also has in its scope specific services for the technology area.

With the information security audit, it is possible to identify the vulnerabilities and risks to which the company’s Information Technology (IT) infrastructure is exposed.

Here, Maciel Group’s professional defines the priorities in security actions to be implemented, in addition to examining and validating Information Security Policy (PCI), and also builds control of the Contingency Plan and Business Continuity Plan (PCN).

With the audit of Computer Systems or Technological Risks it is also possible to evaluate the adequacy of the technologies and information systems used in the organization through the revision and evaluation of the controls, systems development, IT procedures, infrastructure, operation, performance and information security which involves the processing of critical information for decision making.

What makes Maciel Group, therefore, an ideal choice for companies that wish to ensure not only their information, but also protect their value to the business world, becoming more incisive in their demands.

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