Personal Data Protection Act


The Personal Data Protection Act (LGPD), enacted on August 14, 2018, defines the type and manner in which data can be collected by both companies and the government and how this information can be used. That is, people will have more control over their personal data and can view, correct, delete and demand this information from companies at any time. But do you know exactly what this new law impacts on Brazilian companies?

The objective of the audit and consultancy for LGPD is to map the contemporary processes of your company for the identification of vulnerable points, identification of the types of data used, evaluation of possible cases of exception and verification of the real need for data collection and treatment. Thus, our specialists will apply techniques to correct the problems identified in the process mapping carried out, with the definition and guidance of treatment agents, management of vulnerable points, implementation of anonymization mechanisms, creation of consent terms and general review of the standards of treatment. safety.

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