Compliance Service

Why hire a compliance service?


A company that hires this type of service seeks, primarily, to strictly comply and observe the current legislation, in addition to always wanting to be in conformity with ethical principles in its decision making.

Thus, a compliance service aims to preserve the integrity of the company, in of its employees and its management, in order to monitor and ensure that everyone involved in it is in accordance with its conduct practices, which must be guided by the Code of Conduct and the Company’s Policies.

For this Compliance service, Russell Bedford do Brasil also offers the GRISK System as a differential, a tool that includes the following services via the web:

1- Provision of a Database of legal standards, from issuing bodies selected by clients, fed daily;

2- Research, pre-analysis and daily registration of the Standards;

3- Indexing of the Standards by “keywords”;

4- Pre indication of applicability of the Norm for each type of IF;

5- Pre-indication of organizational areas involved with the Norm;

6- Summary of the Norms;

7- Pre-registration of the Deployment Requirements for the Norms (COSO model);

8- Pre-registration of the Legal Obligations of the Norms ( accessory obligations).

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