Auditorium Customs Systems


The audit of computerized customs control has as objective to verify the compliance of the system in relation to the requirements for the control of customs areas and beneficiaries of special customs regimes, for computerized control of movement of goods, vehicles and people maintained by company authorized to operate local or bonded. These are terms of specific legislation enacted by Federal Revenue of Brazil, by Normative Instruction SRF No. 682, of October 4, 2006.

The Russell Bedford Brazil is accredited by the IRS and has authorization to perform this type of audit as ADE SRRF10 No. 15 of August 17, 2009.

The audit consists of checking highlighted: data reliability, performance, interoperability with enterprise systems of qualified companies, and the legal requirements of the system and its compliance with the specifications, technical requirements, safety standards and documentation required for the purposes of customs area or provided for in the concession contracts or permits service moving and storage of goods in Dry Ports, and the specific rules issued by SRF.

Auditorium Customs Systems
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