Audit on Construction Work

Audit on Construction Work


Audit to verify the conformity of the execution of the works as determined in the contract, including with regard to changes in items and consistency with the values practiced in the market.

An audit on:
– Work execution as contract previsions, including changes in items and coherence with current market values.
– Conformity assessment of payment: budgeted x executed, including an analysis of all documentation regarding the subject, as well the flow resources comparing with the results of the inspection on the spot.
– Conformity assessment in work execution of hired companies regarding:
• Comparison among approved project and current status;
• Analysis of the schedule implementation;
• Construction supervision and controls;
• Application of resources management;
• Financial audit and payments measurement;
• Viability and impact of changes during the processes;
• Qualitative analysis (applied x specified);
• Quantitative analysis (performed x invoiced).

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